Thursday, May 17, 2007

Waking up to this ...
Makes me wonder about a lot: ["Book Excerpt: The Assault on Reason"].
The Web is all abuzz about a potential Al Gore candidacy and actually has been for years. And, I think it would be interesting too, especially with the current field.
But after reading this excerpt, I wonder about two things: 1) Is this really the platform he would run on, and 2) As I have said before, where the hell was this guy in 1999?
Had Gore said ANY of these things in 1999 - not all, just a few - he probably would not have lost the election. Well, alright, he really didn't lose the election in 2000, we all know that the Supreme Court pretty much stole it from him. But most of you probably get the point I am trying to make here. The excerpt is almost a religious sermon about our declining value system which is something most conservatives have been complaining about for years. Just throw in a few dead babies/fetuses here, and a dash of brimstone and fire about gay love over there, and poof, Gore is holding a old fashion religious revival.

$3.05 a gallon
That's what I paid for gas yesterday morning in Massachusetts. It is interesting that prices remained high even after many of us participated in the May 15 Don't Buy Gas Protest which did not lead to lower gas prices, as hoped and predicted. I think this is the first time, maybe the second time, in which I have paid $3 a gallon for gasoline.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Gas and Gore ... earlier this week I wagered that global warming would be a topic in Monday's SC debates - instead it was whittled to 1 question, and that to Tancredo. He doubts the science, but at least he's willing to look at GW through a lens familiar to him: national security. Maybe we'll see a bit more attention on June 5; after all, a Decemember 2006 poll of likely NH R primary voters said global warming was a serious issue, likely caused by humans and needed attention. And if many if not most of the 160 + towns that passed a climate change resolution in March lean right (most voted for Sununu in 2002 and Bush in 2004), the candidates stand to gain points by paying attention and offering their solutions.

Tony said...

Good points Anon 2:18. It was also interesting to see that there wasn't a single question about one of the top issues of the campaign season: health care [not health insurance, care]. Not one single question. And yet, they asked everyone of the candidates to talk about how they would fix the ecomony after a hypothetical terrorist attack. Hmm ... ask 0 questions about a top issue; ask 10 questions about a hypothetic which probably won't happen. But hey, that's FoxNews for ya. Thanks for reading and participating.