Wednesday, May 16, 2007

There is no New Boston, part, whatever

In continuing to point out the fact that there really is no New Boston, look at yesterday's special election results from District 2, the Southie/South End city council district, where Southie resident and City Hall insider Bill Linehan beat openly out South End resident Susan Passoni: ["City Hall veteran to succeed Kelly"]. It should, however, be noted that 52.6 to 46.5 [that has to be a typo, they don't add up to 100 percent] is hardly a landslide. As Passoni says, she'll look at the election data and make some decisions in the future about November. And, frankly, she should. A higher turnout, especially in a city-wide race, could have boosted her over the top.
In one other nail into the progressives' coffin, Jack Connolly defeated Marty Martinez for the special election at-large seat in Somerville, my other old stomping grounds. Martinez was the darling of progressives there; Connolly is Old Somerville [or Sum-ah-villz, as I like to call it]. The seat was vacated when Denise Provost was elected to the State House of Representatives. There was some pretty good press coverage on this one in the Somerville Journal and the Somerville News online, if anyone wants to check it out.

Update: Chris Lovett, of NNN in Boston, has this post on the District 2 race, including the fact that Eddie Flynn, ex-Mayor Ray Flynn's son, plans on a second run for the District 2 seat: ["District 2: One Decided; Two Undecided"]. I believe it will be Eddie's fourth run at a council seat.

Update 2: I failed to mention what a good guy Lovett is and how impressive his Civic Boston site is. NNN is a great local news channel produced by cable access funds. It's too bad we don't have that quality of cable access service here in New Hampshire. Nice job, Chris!


Anonymous said...

what do you mean when you say Passoni is "openly out"?

If this is a sexual preference reference it is woefully incorrect and uninformed.

Tony said...

Anon 1:20: Thank you for the post. I will look into this. I could have sworn that I read that about Passoni in Bay Windows during her 2005 run. The reason it sticks in my mind is that she has been able to do so well in what has traditionally been considered a conservative city district. If I am mistaken, obviously, I will edit the post, post a correction, and apologize for the mistake. Thank you for reading.