Monday, May 7, 2007

Okay ...

So, is the latest position on the war for the GOP just posturing or are they going to finally come to their senses and bring the troops home?: ["GOP Senator: Patience on Iraq Is limited"].
Jeez, patience, wow. Tell that to the folks back home. Tell that to the folks in Kansas who have so many troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan that they can't clean the state up after those massive tornadoes this week. Tell that to the families waiting for their loved ones to get home safely.

2008 roundup: Another "Law & Order" star and indie Angus King talk about Unity08: ["PostTalk"]. Biden has this pretty cool head to head site comparing his answers at the recent South Carolina debate to other candidates on the stage: ["Head to Head 08"]. Florida moves its primary way, way up: ["Florida ignores national party threat, sets early primary for Jan. 29"]. Some disillusioned Bush supporters are flocking to Barack Obama, allegedly: ["Republicans defect to the Obama campaign']. MSNBC had a poll on its site after the Reagan Derby Debate the other night and with more than 65,000 responses, Ron Paul swept all categories: ["Vote on the Republican Candidate Debate"].

Strike two for former Bass aide: Oh man, this has gotta suck for Charlie Bass: ["Former Aide Runs Far Afield of Main Street"].

Jesus?: No, not Hey-zeus, this guy claims he's Jesus, yeah, Jesus, the real thing: ["Growing in Grace"].

Hmm ...: The SEC is investigating suspicious trading in the wake of Rupert Murdoch's bid for the WSJ: ["US regulators probe trading in Dow Jones before Murdoch's bid"]. Very interesting.

Shortcuts: Learn about digital filmmaking at these seminars: ["Digital Filmmaking Workshops"]. I just found out that Al Quint continues to publish stuff about punk rock only now, he does it on a blog: ["Suburban Voice"]. You can also download his Podcast here: ["Sonic Overload"].


Denis Goddard said...

The only Republican I know of who standing up against the war on principle is Ron Paul -- and he's at least as much a Libertarian as he is a Republican. Still, I'll take what I can get.

It would certainly make for interesting entertainment if we had a pro-war Democrat (Hillary?) running against an anti-war Republican. May we live in interesting times!

Tony said...

So far, Rep. Ron Paul has been impressive on the GOP side. Of course, he ran for president before, back in 1988, on the Libertarian ticket. While he has the same values, he is getting more press now and being taken slightly more seriously.
It would be extremely interesting to see a pro-war Dem like Hillary [you can throw Joe Biden and Chris Dodd into that category too] go up against Paul. Despite the leads, I don't think Hillary will be the nominee though.
Thanks for reading, Denis.