Saturday, September 1, 2007

Holiday link dump
I can always tell when a holiday weekend is coming up because hits on Politizine just drop off the face of the earth. I can only assume that people are actually doing something other than looking at blogs. Imagine that. Wow.
For example, over the last 12 hours, the blog has exactly two hits on it and one of those was me. Usually, overnights, I get about 10 and change. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Some of them are overseas folks or night owl political junkies. But when those holiday weekends come, look out. The hits just drop off the face of the earth. And, ya know, that's kind of a good thing.
It actually shouldn't be that surprising, especially with summer ending and all.
Since it is the Labor Day weekend, I will be doing the same thing other people seem to be doing: I'm going to be staying away from the computer for a bit. I will probably be back on Monday sometime, when I will be working for at least a few hours. Monday holidays are the worst for the publishing industry because it means you lose one of your key days to get things done.
However, Rory, one of my co-workers, came up with a cool idea: He is going to drive around in the town he covers and find people working on Labor Day. I think I may steal that idea, too, just because the holiday means were a little short on stories for the week [I can almost see the headline: Working on the worker's holiday ...].

So, for your reading pleasure, here is a holiday link dump, essentially sharing some interesting things which I haven't had a chance to post until now. Obviously, if our government attacks Iran or some other strange thing happens, I may jump back on. But for now, spend a few minutes here and then join me in shutting the computer off and living your life for a bit.

Other Smithfield boycotts and protests
This caught my eye while breezing through the Somerville Journal this week: ["Protest centers on Market Basket selling Smithfield products"].
I lived in Somerville for a few years and still like to keep up with what is going on there.
As previously noted, I and others are actively boycotting Smithfield products for other reasons: ["Boycott Smithfield Foods"].
Interestingly, or not so, I never did receive a response from Smithfield after emailing the company's corporate customer service department. I guess they don't really care about how I feel as a customer [or now, former customer, actually]. I mean, not even a form letter? Wow.
Although, they do seem to care about their corporate image: Politizine was visited by both a big law firm based out of Virginia and a corporate branding firm from Wisconsin after I posted the boycott blog entry. The corporate branding firm specifically searched "smithfield foods" on Google's blogsearch and spent just under 8 minutes checking out the site. One of their corporate links states the following: "Managing Issues: Focuses on protecting reputations and managing perceptions." Gee, how about not treating your corporate neighbors like sh*t, literally, for starters? It's interesting that Smithfield can spend time doing this but can't simply respond to my boycott email or spend the money they are spending on lawyers and corporate branding firms to clean up their messes. What backward corporate thinking in this alleged age of corporate enlightenment. Onward.

Campaign 2008
It was only a matter of time: ["Stop Her Now!"].
And, it was only a matter of time: ["Run Ralph, Run!"].
Former President Jimmy Carter gives John Edwards a wink but not a nod: ["Carter embraces Edwards on poverty, environment"].
An interesting dual endorsement here by the machinists: ["Trade unions back Clinton, Huckabee, Edwards"].
The Dems' 1988 nominee wonders about the party's chances: ["Dukakis, Once Burned, Refuses to Be Optimistic About 2008"].
Richardson, Dodd, and Biden sign onto DNC pledge: ["Democratic candidates asked to take primary pledge"].
More "proof" that Bloomberg probably won't run: ["Rather Says Bloomberg Ruled Out White House Bid"].
The Unity 08 group held an online talk about ballot access: ["Chat Transcript"].

Fox attacks Iran
I've never been a big fan of Robert Greenwald ever since I spent money on his "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism" DVD and realized that it was full of inaccuracies and half-truths [Plug: I've commended for being one of the only people in the media world to point out these inaccuracies, as noted here: "'Outfoxed' film misfires"]. While it is important to have the Greenwalds of the world out there watching the watchers, they need to get the story right.
However, this clip of compiled comments about the coming war with Iran he has put together is totally hilarious:

Short cuts
* Vince McMahon seems to want to do something about 'roid use in the wrestling world: ["WWE suspends TEN superstars"]. It's about time, frankly, considering all the deaths involved in the wrestling world of late. And, yes, I admit it, I will actually sit and watch wrestling for a bit if I find it out. Since I downsized to the basic cable service to save money, I don't get to watch it much. But, it is fun for a laugh or two. I joke to my wife, who still watches the soap opera she watched as a teen, that wrestling is like a soap opera geared towards males.
* For those of you who follow Boston media, you might be interested in reading this long piece from Boston Magazine: ["...And Now a Few Words from the Hosts"].
* More on the media, this link about the fabulous American Journalism Review: ["Journal's Pains Reflect Media's Malaise"]. This magazine, as well as the Columbia Journalism Review, is a must read and not just for people involved in the profession. However, I will admit that I often don't have time to read through CJR, never mind AJR. For this reason, I have never subscribed to AJR and only usually pick it up when I find it for free. It is work, if you will, to find the time to update yourself about your work! I would add that it is "big journalism" that is a dying format, it seems. Small micro publishers and local blogs are a rapidly growing sector and may be the wave of the future.
* Two important things from Dan Kennedy. First, this column from The Guardian: ["The dogs of war"] and this: ["Robert Dushman"]. Dushman was a stand up guy and I will always be grateful to him for his assistance in getting public documents when I was editor of The Winchester Star. Granted, it was what my company paid him to do. But, he was a great help.
* Lastly, I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago: ["Pentagon Paid $999,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers to Texas"]. So, there is a million dollars for this but not for all kinds of other things which need to get paid for. Unbelievable.

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