Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tough questions ...

Yikes, how about that round of questions. Gravel went bankrupt twice, in a business and personally, with credit cards. And his answer? Paraphrasing, I stuck it to the credit card companies to promote a national petition or something or other. Hilarious. Sen. Gravel, with all due respect, please stop yelling at the TV!!
Kucinich gets a question about bankrupting Cleveland and being driven out of his mayoralship. Of course, Kucinich gives is right back, correcting the story. Kucinich refused to sell the municipal light company when a bank tried to pressure him to do it. Today, Cleveland ratepayers pay smaller bills than most people do. He was right then and it cost him everything.
Richardson gets the Wen Ho Lee question and kinda dances a bit and then spins it. He did a good job but didn't really answer the question.
Russert is doing a kick-ass job tonight. These questions are really, really good and the debate is actually getting some of these people to answer some questions.
On another note, Obama seems a little loopy tonight. He seems to be stammering with his answers. Edwards, Dodd, and Biden are doing pretty well.

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