Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Job opening

Check out this job opening ad for the Hippo, New Hampshire's largest weekly newspaper, posted earlier today on
The Hippo, New Hampshire’s largest weekly with more than 175,000 readers, seeks an aggressive, innovative reporter who knows how to cover a beat and wants to write magazine-style feature stories.
This is NOT a job for a green reporter. This is a job for a reporter looking to jump from a smaller paper or magazine to the big time — the features section of a big city daily, a top position at a big city alt or even a staff job at a national entertainment magazine. This is also a perfect job for a reporter who’d like one day to be the editor or publisher of his or her own free newspaper or magazine. Looking for something to get you from planning board coverage to rock star interviews? We can help you get the clips you need to make the leap.
For reporters in northern New England, The Hippo offers a unique opportunity to get big city clips without the Boston commute or real estate prices. If you are a self-starter with drive who is able to enterprise never-before-reported stories and work your beat, we want you to work for us. Cover the ever-changing southern New Hampshire area — from the people and politics to the entertainment scene. Check out our mix of stories — music, food, nightlife, the arts, politics, news and more — on
We offer competitive pay and health and dental benefits in a market where $600-per-month one-bedroom apartments are common. Applicants must have at least three years of post-collegiate newspaper experience.

For almost a year now, I've been watching the Hippo try to fill this - and other - positions. I think this is the fifth or sixth ad they have put out featuring this opening. This ad, however, has a different take then previous ones. I really like the pitch for "big city clips" and even suggesting it was a good job for someone who would want to start their own newspaper some time.
But, I have to wonder about the $600 apartments. Where are those?
At least they didn't include the lines - you're an hour from the mountains, an hour from the ocean, and an hour from Boston. That is a clear sign that the employer doesn't want a New Hampshire resident to apply because, well, we already friggin' know that the job is an hour from the mountains, an hour from Boston, and an hour from the ocean! There is no need to put that in the ad ... unless New Hampshire residents need not apply.


Janice said...

There are $600 "share a room" ads in Greater Manchester. You may however have to be respectful of your room mate's 5 kids who visit every weekend, and his 8 dogs (but your pet is not allowed).

Sound good? :D


Tony said...

Hahaha. Eh, no, doesn't sound good to me. :-)