Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Silly ending

A pretty good debate overall. But why, why must they ask those silly questions about baseball. What a waste of the last three minutes.

Who won?
OK, so who won. Well, I don't know. I think Biden, Dodd, Edwards, and Kucinich did the best. Clinton and Richardson did OK. No huge pitfalls but they weren't that impressive. Obama started slow and spotty but he improved later. Gravel was better than previous debates. I personally like the man but I'm sick of his yelling and screaming from the debate floor. There is no need for that. I can hardly wait for the Dodd time meter picture. I will have to go and find it and post it later.

Well, Drudge doesn't have one up but DailyKos does. Here are the results, with 295 votes: Edwards 30, Obama 16, Clinton 16, Kucinich 10, Dodd 8, None of the above 5, More than one of the above 5, Biden 4, Gravel 3, Richardson 2. MSNBC doesn't have a poll but they have a ratings survey. Interesting.

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