Thursday, September 13, 2007

Morse returns to airwaves too ... on WEIM

Author and conservative pundit Chuck Morse will not be on WBIX 1060 after all. He has actually just started a new afternoon drive program on WEIM 1280, The Blend.
Chuck's new show, entitled "Two-Way Talk," will air weekdays from 5 to 7 p.m. According to a post on his Web site, "The program will focus on breaking news, pop culture, health, and money." The station isn't streaming currently but the Web site suggests it will be soon: ["WEIM AM 1280 The Blend"].
WEIM is based out of Fitchburg, Mass. and runs at 5,000 watts during the day and drops to 1,000 watts at night. The daytime signal runs from Worcester to Framingham to Lowell up to Nashua and then back around, in a circle, through the boonies south of Keene.
It will be interesting to hear what Chuck does with this show. He has been on six or seven area stations at this point, with not a lot of longevity. Over the years, I have found his shows to a mixed bag, both interesting and not. But if you've ever had to book a radio program, you know that it is difficult to hit a home run for every show. I will check it out on my drive home and report back about it at a later date.

Here is a "fun" radio fact from NHPR's "Extra" email:
Did you know that it costs NHPR $162 for every hour of Morning Edition and All Things Considered every day of the year? That's $345,968 a year. It costs even more to produce local programming.
I'm kinda shocked by this. With $350,000, I could easily create 10 hours worth of New Hampshire-based daily programming which would be on par with NHPR's current programming. In fact, when I was running another local radio station, we were able to create more than 12 hours a day of localized programming for less than $200k annually and we won almost as many broadcasting awards as NHPR and more broadcasting awards than any other commercial radio station in New Hampshire during the time period! Had we entered all the same contests as NHPR, who knows how many more awards we would have won.
You know, I could go on a total blistering rant here but I will keep it to the finer points. I honestly do enjoy a lot of NHPR's weekend programming. I also think Xenia Piaseckyj, the afternoon news reader, is a top notch broadcaster and decent person. I also have other acquaintances who work at the network.
But, at the same time, I'm so disappointed in them and there is a good chance that I will never give them another dime again. For $350k - or even the $3 million budget they have - NHPR should easily be producing a lot more in-house content which would be more relevant to the listeners of New Hampshire then they currently are producing. It can be done ... I've proven it can be done on the local level, with one dinky AM radio station and a fraction of the resources. You just have to have the wherewithal to do it.

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