Monday, September 7, 2009

Shaking out the Senate tree ...

Glenn Johnson from the Associated Press has a pretty good roundup here about who is in and who is out: ["Former Rep. Joseph Kennedy nixes Senate campaign"].
Junkies may remember Johnson as the reporter who confronted presidential candidate Mitt Romney's fib about no lobbyists assisting his campaign when everyone knew that lobbyist Ron Kaufman was advising his campaign.
Anyhow, the potential monster of the race, JoeK, is officially out. So is the GOP's Kerry Healey, which is a bit of a surprise. These are big changes.
I wonder, what would happen if the Dems had a very bloody primary and the GOP's Scott Brown had a cakewalk? I did an extensive Google search trying to find out if Brown is pro-choice. I didn't get any results.
However, so far, my prediction seems to be coming along nicely: No JoeK and a slew of Dems running.

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