Monday, September 21, 2009

The truth about the D.C. march

This is a guest perspective by Politizine reader Benjamin Jones.
For three days I have been struggling for words to describe my feelings about participating in the March on our nation’s Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 12, 2009. I continue to struggle with this so I will just start. Note that this is the first protest my wife and I have ever participated in.
First off, I made close to 2,000,000 new friends from all over America that, I know in my heart, are willing to put their life on the line for my liberty. I will do the same for them. I pledge my life, my assets and my character to them. I love them all and they have my greatest admiration and respect.
They came from small and big towns in every state. Men and women. Adults, youth and children from all ethnic groups. Some carried signs to demonstrate their frustration. Some were silent. Some were vocal. One thing I can guarantee you is that for every one of us that was there, hundreds more wanted to be there. To those I say, do not be discouraged. Stay informed. Continue to attend local tea and liberty group meetings. Keep it clean and honest and reject those politicians and individuals that try to benefit from our movement.
Americans are plenty angry about the direction our country is heading. We will get it back, I assure you. It will take a continued commitment to call our employees on the carpet.
November 2010, will represent a new beginning … the day we begin to fire congressmen and senators and replace them with men and women who believe the Constitution of the United States is a carved-in-stone set of principles and values. These principles and values are our greatest guarantee of liberty and protection against the tyrannical pursuits of our enemies.
About two years ago, after much careful research, I came to the conclusion that my government has been lying to me for many years. The realization that two-party politics, the federal reserve, banking and financial, oil and energy, political action committees, special interests, the media/government complex, the defense industry and strong forces both within and outside the United States are the ones really running our “government of the people and by the people” .
This sent me on an email and discussion crusade that resulted in fractured relations with both friends and family. This bothered me greatly at the time. But I no longer care. Liberty is far more important.
To the men and women in our military I apologize to the deepest recesses of my heart for voting for politicians that have sent you to a foreign land to protect their’s and their friends interests. I admire you for your willingness to volunteer and serve for their benefit. I did and most of my family did. But, you no longer need to do that. We need you here … on this front … America is in peril and we need true Americans to stand up and fight against these enemies from within.
These 2,000,000 new friends that have joined together in the task of taking back our government will prevail because it is our destiny.
If you care about your freedom …. your liberty … your individual rights … then it is time to take up the cause.
Welcome to the fight.
Yours for America and true liberty!
Benjamin Jones

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