Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday morning news briefs ...

Here are a few things to eye this morning ...

First, this kinda stuff really irks me and probably not for the reasons you imagine: ["NH Says It Can't Afford To Subsidize Day Care"].
Well of course the state can't afford to subsidize day care - it has no money. The money is ours. And we choose to use as much of it as we can to raise our own children, TYVM.
And you have to love the day care provider, always looking out for number one: "I think we've got to look at taxes, real taxes that will make a difference." Why, so you can charge more? Most people can't afford day care anyway and you are already being subsidized. And Wolfeboro? Why is the state subsidizing day care in Wolfeboro, one of the most affluent communities in the state? As our household has found, it is better to sacrifice the small things in order to preserve the large things. We didn't have children to shove them in day care.
Or, maybe we should have a local, regional, or national discussion about parenting, the importance of partnerships, training and understanding on the importance of being responsible parents BEFORE bringing children into the world, etc. I'm shocked at some of the things I hear about parents these days treating children as if they are some kind of toy.
But back to the finance issue: Look, some of us are just squeaking by and now you want to take more of our money and transfer it to others to subsidize their lifestyles? Come on. And don't give me that "If we pass an income tax it will only be paid by the 'rich' ..." That's a crock. It's totally untrue. And there aren't enough "rich" people around to pay all the programs everyone wants. In the end, if we pass in income tax in New Hampshire, parents with kids in day care will have to pick up more work - assuming it is available - because, yes, you too will have to pay the tax. Ordinary people will have to pay it too.

Like most folks, I've been watching the whole "bring the Olympics to Chicago" thing ... not ... and it has been very, very interesting. If you want to catch up on some of it though, keep an eye on the HillBuzz Web site: ["HillBuzz"]. This person, obviously, hasn't gotten over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential primaries last year. But the bit with the Hitler movie video with script from Mayor Daley in subtitles is too hilarious. And what about those race riots? How come this isn't national news?

I just recently came across Jamie O'Keefe's blog: ["Everything's JOK"].
For those of you that don't know, Jamie is the former Green-Rainbow treasurer candidate from 2002 and 2006 in Massachusetts [I think he garnered 17 percent in that last race ...] He's an all-around good guy and it will be fun to watch him blog.

For those of you, like me, who missed the NAB Radio Show last week, you can check out this PDF: ["NAB Radio Show 2009"] which is actually the preview edition or the main site which features highlights: ["The 2009 NAB Radio Show"]. The latter has a pretty cool TwitterTicker with different posts on it. Attendance was down about 6 percent from 2008 numbers. The 2010 convention will be held in D.C.

More tomorrow ...

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Jeremy said...

It's scary times. We are looking at a health care bill that will tax normal people 35% on heath insurance valued over $8,000. I don't make tons of money, but I have a very good family insurance plan (valued at over $8K). Then you throw in the NH Education Income Tax bill. Add the constant fear of layoff's and shortened hours. My wife had a baby 7 months ago and quit her job to stay home. We saved for a year before getting pregnant, and now are starting to feel the crunch. There aren't any jobs out there that she can get into that will pay the daycare with money left over. I refuse to go on "public assistance" unless we get to a point where there is no food on the table. If I could keep some of the 25% taken off the top of my income, and some of the 15% in "rent" to the city of Concord and the State in Property taxes for my modest house, we would be doing well and she could stay home as long as she wants. Dont tread on me!