Monday, September 14, 2009

Spooky, indeed ...

One of the great things about the Internet, and getting news "free" from the Internet, is being able to read stories like this, which you wouldn't otherwise be able to see: ["Revealed: The ghost fleet of the recession"].
I think that no matter what anyone says at this point, we should all be able to agree that free trade globalism, as an economic theory and practice, has failed America and the world.
It really is time to reverse course and start creating micro economies inside each nation, for the sake of the world's people and the health of the planet's climate, which is clearly affected the pollution caused by the transportation of goods and services.

Also, the WSJ reported on Friday night, that the Obama administration "will put steep import duties on Chinese passenger and light truck tires, responding to what the U.S. International Trade Commission determined to be a surge of Chinese tire exports that has rocked the domestic U.S. tire industry and displaced thousands of jobs."
Well, it's about friggin' time ...

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