Friday, January 9, 2004

Blogging ...
I've been away from blogging for a few days and have taken some time to work and noodle with some other projects. I want to thank the 120 people who checked out Politizine over the last four days, probably to examine the "Selective Coverage" analysis.
I'll be doing another analysis of the coverage covering from Jan. 1 until the New Hampshire primary, scheduled for Jan. 27. I will also be posting an endorsement in the primary, sometime in the next week or so. I'm still undecided but leaning towards a couple of Democratic candidates.
Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting a daily political roundup section of stories and whatever polls are available from different primary states.

["Facing the finish line"]: Boston Phoenix Media Critic Dan Kennedy hits the trail with John Kerry - and examines his downfall. Kennedy doesn't cover campaigns very often but does a pretty good job when he does. He covered the 1996 Kerry-Weld Senate race and I chastised him on my radio show for ignoring Conservative candidate Susan Gallagher. We've been good acquaintances ever since and I have learned a lot from his writing.

["Old Faithful"]: Speaking of the Phoenix, here is a great piece by former Phoenix/current New Republic writer Michael Crowley, who endorses Dick Gephardt.

More dirt on Dr. Dean, this time, on tape: ["Tale of the tape on Howard Dean"].
"If you look at the caucuses system, they are dominated by the special interests in both parties. [And] the special interests don't represent the centrist tendencies of the American people. They represent the extremes. And then you get a president who is beholden to either one extreme or the other, and where the average person is in the middle. ... Here's what happens: Say I'm a guy who's got to work for a living, and I've got kids and so forth. On a Saturday, is it easy for me to go cast a ballot and spend 15 minutes doing it, or do I have to sit in a caucus for eight hours. I can't stand there and listen to everyone else's opinion for eight hours about how to fix the world."
Ouch! Are you listening Iowa?

However, Pat Buchanan wonders if he is a prophet: ["Dean: A prophet ahead of his time?"].

But is he getting ready to cheat?: ["Rivals accuse Dean of fraud"].
In a letter to Dean manager Joe Trippi, Murphy said the aide was told some of the 3,500 out-of-state supporters coming to Iowa to support the Vermont governor intended to participate in the caucuses. "It has come to our attention that your campaign in Iowa is engaged in an effort to violate caucus rules and send out-of-state supporters to pose as Iowa residents and caucus in cities and towns across the state," Murphy said in the letter, posted by the Drudge Report.
And who keeps screaming about the Republicans stealing elections?

And I could have told you this: ["Americans deeply split over politics"].
The views in the red states and blue states are so divergent that they can be considered as two nations, Mr. O'Leary said at yesterday's press briefing with Mr. Zogby.
Eh, gee, I could've told you that!

Polling numbers:
The Iowa Caucuses are just days away and here are the latest polling results. Earlier today, Research 2000 reported that Howard Dean had 29 percent, Dick Gephardt had 25 percent, John Kerry with 18 percent, and John Edwards with 8 percent. All others were in the single digits. The poll shows Bush beating all Democrats by 6 to 10 points. This in a state that went for Al Gore in 2000.
Survey USA, however, shows a closer race with Dean at 29 percent, Gephardt with 22 percent, Kerry in at 21 percent, and Edwards at 17 percent. These are Kerry and Edwards' highest numbers in Iowa so far.
Also from today, Survey USA shows a dead heat in Tennessee, with Dean in at 27 percent, Clark with 26 percent, Joe Lieberman at 9 percent, Gephardt with 8 percent, and Edwards with 6 percent.
In New Hampshire, American Research Group continues their daily tracking poll: Dean with 38 percent, Wesley Clark with 18 percent, Kerry falling in at 12 percent, Lieberman at 8 percent, and Gephardt with 6 percent.
I wanted to post a Super Delegate count but I can't find them. When I do, I will post them.