Sunday, January 18, 2004

Lieberman endorsed by Lawrence Eagle Tribune
The Lawrence Eagle Tribune, a newspaper with border subscriptions in southern New Hampshire, has endorsed Joe Lieberman:

Lieberman understands, as his fellow Democrats do not, that we live in perilous times. He has been a steadfast supporter of the war on terrorism and recognizes that the fight in Iraq is but one battle in that war. He is among the few Democrats with the sense to acknowledge that the removal of Saddam Hussein from power has made our nation safer and has been unafraid to call those who suggest otherwise on their foolishness.
But Lieberman is no warmonger. He knows that while out immediate goal must be to destroy al-Qaida and capture Osama bin Laden, our long term security depends on winning the hearts and minds of the Islamic world. Iraq gives us a chance to establish a stable, modernizing, Muslim democracy in the Middle East. He is a steadfast supporter of Israel and understands that the Palestinian leadership must offer its people more than a seething hatred for that country and the United States. The solution to the Palestinian problem is in the hands of Palestinian leaders.