Thursday, January 22, 2004

Here are the ratings:

Kerry: A-
Answered questions well. Cited residents he met on the campaign trail which people in NH like. Above all - looked presidential. He didn't look tired or bored as he had in other debates. Although, I can't stand him.

Edwards: A-
Answered questions well. Didn't repeat the two Americas line which is beginning to sound like a broken record. Understood the need to support the Second Amendment and other issues and was playing for the future states, not necessarily NH. Very smart. He is lucky to come in fourth here. Solid performance.

Kucinich: B-
Been better in other debates. Won't stop yelling at the camera which doesn't work in debates, only on stump speeches. However, was thoughtful on education issues and joked about trading delegates with Edwards. He cited a NH fair trade group, which was good. Also got the most positive reactions and cheers from the crowd.

Lieberman: B-
He was really good in the debate, considering how bad he has been in the past. However, he is so off-base it isn't even funny. Got a lot of cheers - for all the wrong things.

Dean: C+
Didn't do as badly as people hoped he would; didn't do as well as he needed to. Didn't really get into issues which he needed to. If you were just watching the debate, you didn't know anything about the guy's positions. The smirk needs to go, as does the "back to Crawford, Texas" line.

Clark: C-
He's so not ready for prime time. Stammers over the questions. Talks in lame slogans. So bad it isn't even funny. And then, he didn't even answer the most important question about Michael Moore calling Bush a deserter. What? You don't know what he is talking about? 'I don't know it, I didn't research it, blah, blah, blah ...' He could have at least looked up the fact that Bush walked away from the National Guard service and wasn't arrested. Maybe Clark is saving it for the general election - but he ain't going to be able to use it because he isn't going to be there.

Sharpton: D-
What, no jokes? Come on. He talked about the IMF when he was asked about the Federal Reserve. What a drag. Where was Al?

I am now watching the Dean/Sawyer interview.
Dean on the Caucus night performance: "I was leading with my heart." He was. I can't vote for the guy but damn I am beginning to like him. And his wife is adorable!

The Phoenix's Adam Reilly calls on Kucinich and Sharpton to be kept out of future debates: ["Grading the candidates"].

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