Saturday, January 24, 2004

Correction - Dean gets Salmon Press endorsements:
On Friday, I reported that the publisher of The Berliner Reporter endorsed Dean. However, all the Salmon Press newspapers, eight, in the northern part of the state, endorsed Dean.

Clark blames Republican media ...
Interesting. Is there a vast rightwing media conspiracy against the media candidate Wesley Clark? He seems to think so: ["Clark: GOP agenda at play in New Hampshire debate"].

...while making illegal calls in North Dakota
Hmm. I thought "Do Not Call" lists allowed political phones. Guess not: ["Attorney general looks into Clark calls"].

Other stuff:
FoxNews reported last night that the Dean campaign is pulling its ads off the air in future primary states and putting all of its resources into NH. They actually got the story from the NYT, via ABCNews' The Note:

According to the article, the Dean campaign spent $932,000 in Arizona then pulled its ads the day after the Iowa caucuses; and $1.3 million in South Carolina until the day after the Iowa caucuses. The campaign also had ads running in New Mexico and, to a lesser extent, in Oklahoma.
At the same time, the Kerry campaign has hired Dick Gephardt's former chief-of-staff.
Here is a nice piece from the national press about the thousands of children in NH voting in a Mock Election: ["Students carry on N.H. tradition of political savvy"].
Is Iowa long for the world? Novak doesn't think so:

As Iowa Democrats participated in presidential caucuses Monday night, their leaders privately and sadly predicted this would be the last time Iowa's unique
institution would lead off the Democratic presidential selection. Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe had to stave off a challenge to Iowa's favored position in 2004 from Michigan, led by the powerful Sen. Carl Levin. Leading Democrats in Washington and Des Moines agreed that Iowa's preferred position cannot be retained in 2008. However, this year's results could change that death sentence. Iowa caucus-goers are getting high grades for not being stampeded and for making their own decisions.
Here are the pics of the newscaster, Catherine Bosley, who lost her job for doing a nudie wet T-shirt contest: ["Catherine Bosley"]. Can't a girl just blow off some steam? It's not like she was doing it in her home market.
Wrapping 9/11 ... too early? Bush wants the troops home from Iraq by spring. He also wants the Sept. 11 Commission wrapped up soon too: ["What’s Bush Hiding From 9/11 Commission?"]. This whole thing f-ing stinks.
Military votes may not be secure: ["Report Says Internet Voting System Is Too Insecure to Use"].

More states, more polls:
John Kerry surges in Arizona: Market Solutions Group released new numbers showing him at 19 percent [up from sixth], with Wesley Clark at 17 percent, Howard Dean at 14 percent, John Edwards at 9 percent, and Lieberman with 6 percent.
In California, Survey USA shows Kerry strong again; 31 percent, Dean with 26 percent, Clark at 14 percent, Edwards with 12 percent, and Others at 11 percent. Undecided at 5 percent.