Friday, January 23, 2004

Lieberman endorsed by Foster's:
Joe Lieberman was endorsed by the Foster's Daily Democrat and Laconia Citizen this afternoon. He was endorsed by the Union Leader and Eagle Tribune last week. The Union Leader and Foster's are the two largest daily newspapers in the state.

"There is one person in the pool of Democrats who stands out as someone of character and high standards; someone who represents the ideals of the American people. That person is Joe Lieberman. Joe Lieberman comes closest to representing the values this newspaper holds dear - the values of a fiscal conservative, the ability to keep an open mind, the willingness to cross party lines when it is in the national interest, the ability and willingness to seek reasonable resolution of issues that might divide us."
Berlin Reporter endorses Dean, Edwards:
In a split endorsement, the Berlin Reporter's publisher endorsed Dean while the editor and senior reporter endorsed Edwards:

"In politics the critics are always there. Howard Dean has emerged as a serious contender for his party's presidential nomination precisely because he has refused to finesse his way to the truth. His "Give 'em Hell Harry" style has attracted new and dormant voters to his side by the hundreds of thousands and they in turn have raised millions for his war chest, placing him atop the fundraising heap in the Democratic Party. With money to spend, a story to tell and the conviction to tell it, Howard Dean has the right combination to win his party's presidential nomination. He should start with a victory in next week's New Hampshire Primary."
"John Edwards understands that the challenges of the future are going to be different from the challenges of the past. During his fifty years he has witnessed enormous social, economic and political changes. He has called for a reinvestment in rural America to grow the jobs of the future, not simply to bring back the jobs of the past ... John Edwards uses his roots to illustrate his empathy with those who earn their living everyday, but he doesn't exploit the personal facts of his own life or his family's life for political purposes. He says "we" can do it together, inspiring people to try to live up to the ideals of this country."
Clark endorsed by Conway Sun, Connecticut Valley Spectator:

"Having successfully prosecuted the war in Kosovo, Clark is a proven leader of world-class stature and he has been consistent in his message that invading Iraq was a needless diversion to the real war of terrorism. If the casualties mount and Americans begin to question our role in what may increasingly look like a civil war, his message will resonate with independent voters in the so-called swing states. Because he has voted for Republican presidents to support national security, Clark been criticized for not being a real Democrat. But to act on one's beliefs and not politics we see as a strength."
More Kerry endorsements:
John Kerry was also endorsed by the Milford Cabinet, Valley News, and the Portsmouth Herald.

"In 2004, along with traditional election-year issues such as the economy and health care, a new question has arisen. Americans are asking who is best qualified to fight the threat of terrorism at home and lead our military operations abroad? We believe that candidate is John Kerry."
Other stuff:
Ralph Nader is expected to be a guest on "The Big Story" on FoxNews Saturday night at 9 p.m. Is he running? Maybe he will let viewers know.
On Thursday, Jan. 29 from 6:30 to 8 p.m., three of the Green Party's presidential candidates - David Cobb,
Kent Mesplay, and Lorna Salzman - will be debating at the Institute of Politics at Harvard's JFK School of Government. The debate will be Web cast by the IOP at
Former Vice President Walter Mondale endorsed Kerry today, saying he "has the experience, judgment and character to serve as president and he has the skills to do the job on day one."
But Dean loses one: ["Ex-senator withdraws Dean support"].

Polls outside of NH:
With just four days until the NH primary, I'm not going to publish any more NH polls, similar to not publishing polls a few days before the Iowa Caucuses. However, here are some numbers from other states:
Survey USA posted new numbers from Oklahoma, which holds a primary on Feb. 3: Wesley Clark 32 percent, John Edwards 23 percent, John Kerry at 17 percent, Howard Dean at 10 percent, Joe Lieberman at 8 percent. Other candidates received 7 percent [the survey didn't print the individual numbers for the lower candidates] and undecided received 5 percent.
Washington state has a caucus this year. However, Survey USA has numbers matching up the Democratic candidates with President Bush and the numbers aren't good: Bush beats all the Democrats except Kerry. Kerry has a slight lead over Bush, 49 to 48, with 3 percent undecided, well within the margin of error. Bush beats the other top tier candidates by 3 to 8 percent. Washington is a presumed safe state - a blue state - that Al Gore won by 5 percent [139,000 votes], with Ralph Nader receiving 4 percent [101,000 votes]. This is not good news.