Thursday, January 29, 2004

Dated Dean, Married Kerry, Woke up with Bush [?!]

This is the counter-bumper sticker slogan promoted by some Howard Dean supporters and you have to wonder if it doesn't make a bit of sense.

Problems with the Dean effort

If anyone didn't believe there were field problems in the Dean camp, check out this story: ["Republican leads local Dean campaign"]. At the same time, the snowball effect starts: ["Kerry Campaign: Dean Is Finished"]. While Dean pulls his ads and takes a gamble: ["Dean Skips Airing Ads in 7 Primary States"].


John Kerry denied this morning that he has received Botox injections which make him look younger: ["WRKO"]. However, Drudge has the shots - and it looks like Botox: ["Before and after"]. And yeah, doctors agree: ["Smooth! Docs Say Senator Kerry Looks Botoxed"].

Oh ... my ... God ...
These guys can't be kicked out of office fast enough: ["US Plans Spring Offensive in Pakistan"].


This has to be a first: ["Short list Republican nomination 2008"]. That's assuming there will be an election in 2008.

Other stuff
In Oklahoma, the Hugo Daily News has endorsed Joe Lieberman.
Here in the heart of Little Dixie, Democrats believe they fall more in the classification of being "Conservative Democrats" than in most Democratic environs. Most aren't impressed with glitz and glitter and will opt for someone with a "down to earth" demeanor and conservative voting record. For that reason, our candidate of choice in the Democratic primary is Joe Lieberman.