Sunday, January 4, 2004

Selective Coverage 2004: Dean, Kerry dominate New Hampshire newspaper reporting; Exclusive to Politizine

An independent analysis of three New Hampshire daily newspapers during the last few months shows that former-Gov. Howard Dean and Sen. John Kerry received more newspaper coverage while their opponents for the Democratic presidential nomination race lagged behind in coverage.
Between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, Politizine analyzed and audited the published editions of the Concord Monitor, The Union Leader [Manchester], and the Nashua Telegraph. The research included stories, features, editorials, and analysis which mentioned the Democratic primaries or candidates. The number of articles written was tracked as well as whether pictures were included, whether a candidate's name was mentioned in the story, and whether the names of the candidates appeared in the story's headline. Candidates mentioned in news briefs or in a daily political calendar, promoting local campaign events, were also tracked.
A single point was given for each category.
Over this time period, both Dean and Kerry dominated local reporting coverage with national stories published in the dailies mostly concentrating on the top and middle tier candidates.
In some cases, Dean and Kerry received two to three times the coverage that those candidates in the lower tier received. The coverage also varied between the newspapers, with the Union Leader and Telegraph giving more prominence to President George W. Bush in articles on the primaries, and the Monitor publishing more photos of the candidates than the other newspapers.

The entire report can be read here: "Selective Coverage 2004: Dean, Kerry dominate New Hampshire newspaper reporting".