Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cahill a "socialist"? Sounds like it ...

For those of us who work in the media in Massachusetts or even just follow things there, for sport, the announcement by Treasurer Tim Cahill that he was leaving the Democrat Party and becoming an independent [or "unenrolled"] was a bit of a shocker.
However, here he is on "Keller at Large" this morning, calling himself a "socialist"! ["Keller @ Large"].
About seven minutes into the interview, Cahill says he doesn't know if he supports Cape Wind or not but does support wind power. Then he says this:
"I think where I differ from some of the in--, some of the other socialists, I would be open and, and potentially supportive of, of, uh, the death penalty in the state of Massachusetts ..."
Now, I think what Cahill meant to say was, I think where I differ from some of the other social liberals ... but, that's not what he said.
Later, in the conversation, he stated that considered himself a social moderate, saying that his religion made him uncomfortable with some positions. But he also said that he believed in the separation of church and state.
Of course, this is just a small bit of misspeak in an otherwise brilliant political move that had tongues wagging around the state last week. It's a big gamble by Cahill but probably his only chance to win the corner office - and set the state on the right track. And when you have nothing to lose, it's always better to go out with a bang ... standing by your principles.

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