Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surprise, young people fleeing NH is a myth!

And even if it weren't a myth, does it really matter?: ["Report released on retaining NH's young workers"]. Here is the opening - and killer - quote:
"The idea that young people are fleeing New Hampshire in droves is more myth than reality ..."
Thank you. I could have told you that! There are young people all over the place, going to nightclubs and concerts, raising families, etc. I see them downtown; I see them in Manch and Nashua; and they are at the grocery store too, children in tow.
The big joke about Concord was that it was "the city in a coma." A guy even made shirts saying "city in a coma" and made a nice clip. I mean, we didn't have a bagel shop here 25 years ago and now we do! I used to tell people that I decided to move back because they finally got some bagel shops but that's just a joke. Things aren't so bad here and lots of different types of folks are learning to live with each other.
The bigger problem is a bit more glaring though. I wrote a little bit about this last year: ["Community screening Thursday"].
It is more, however, than just a veiled attempt to get a broad-based tax approved in New Hampshire so that all these folks in government have more money to play with. This is about changing the state. One can argue whether this is good idea or bad idea. Some of the changes have already happened as the state has become less conservative. I mean, who in a million years would have guessed that gay marriage would be approved in the Granite State a year after civil unions were approved, never mind any time in the 21st century? The taxes are another issue and wouldn't be so bad if they were spent on the things they were supposed to be spent on.
But, frankly, despite what people say, I honestly would lean towards the thinking that beyond the fact that there aren't many jobs here, our state is just fine the way it is and doesn't need to be changed.
And that's what is so hilarious and somewhat sad about all of this. There are no jobs in New Hampshire right now, so there is really no "brain drain," and no reason to keep young people here instead of Boston or New York. Let them go have fun in the big city and then, they can move back here to raise families or escape the high taxes and crime [although the crime is creeping up here too].
And, if there are all these supposed jobs, there are tens of thousands of brains just waiting to be trained or retrained all over the place. The Dept. of Employment Security is reportedly going mad these days with all the jobless claims! I'm hearing that things are so crazy that they can't keep up with everyone's little check sheets to see if they are looking for work because, you know, there is no work!
But the problem is that the people who live here are not the "type" of people all the tinkerers want to stay in the state. They are, if you will, "regular folks," like me. We are essentially people who think for ourselves, guide our lives by commonsense, and like to be left alone, for the most part. The tinkerers want educated and enlightened folks who like dabble, tweak, and fiddle to their own liking, without a care in the world about who is affected by their crap. So, instead of raising all of us up to their standard, they promote shoving us aside, bringing in others, and having us live by all of their rules. Sorry, that's not why I'm interested in living here and that's not why I moved back here to raise a family after spending most of my adult life in New York and Boston screwing around!
So let the kids sew their oats elsewhere and then, escape all of that for our wonderful state where we can all breath relatively fresh air, not see our neighbors because there are trees in the way, and safely raise our children away from the crime, high taxes, and people who think we are beneath them, and all live happily ever after ...

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