Saturday, July 18, 2009

A neat story about bands and their idols ...

As some of you know, I have been a huge fan of this Worcester band called The Curtain Society for as long as I can remember. When I was gigging on a regular basis, in the Boston area, the bands I was in would open for them and vice versa. I haven't seen them in ages although I still listen to the band's music.
The three members of the band are huge fans of this British band called The Chameleons [or, Chameleons UK, as they were called in the day ...], a band that never really quite made it beyond rabid cult status in the states. Singer Mark Burgess has been in other bands and played solo, but he always comes back to the magic stuff he created with The Chameleons.
On Tuesday, Burgess will be in Boston for a solo show at the Hennessey and The Curtain Society will be sitting in on the set. This is not only very cool but a dream come true for the band members.
Roger has a bit here about how excited he is, from a Worcester blog: ["The Curtain Society and the Chameleons"].
A former work colleague of mine, Mike Marotta, who now writes for the Boston Herald, has a bit here about the gig and will have more in Monday's newspaper: ["Curtain Society to back Mark Burgess (Chameleons)"].
It's all very cool all around although, admittedly, I would often razz Roger about playing "Swamp Thing" - even if the girls loved it. I recall that at least once, he mouthed from a state, "Sorry," after starting the opening guitar lines to the song, to much fanfare ... like he had some reason to apologize, pleasing other fans and nailing the song down perfectly.
It wasn't that long ago, we all remember, when you couldn't get into a daily newspaper like the Herald with any promotion for a cool story like this. Thank goodness for people like Mike over there now.
Congrats on the gig, guys. I'm a tad jealous and I hope to be there to watch it with you.

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