Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tausch out

Before he could even get in, Fred Tausch is out of a potential Senate race: ["Investor won't run in 2010"].
Dorgan notes in her article:
"Tausch's decision also comes days after the Monitor ran a profile of Tausch that explored his unorthodox political past ..."
I don't know if this is true or not, but it probably didn't help matters. Plus, with Ayotte taking officially taking the plunge, there was little to no hope for Tausch.
The key now will be to see if he runs for something else and what he does, politically, with all his money, since he likes to spend it. It will also be interesting to see what Charlie Bass' move is at this point.
On the Congressional side of things, there have been a bunch of candidates eyeing the seat held by Hodes and formerly held by Bass. One interesting thing I saw on facebook last night is that Franklin Mayor Ken Merrifield is lining up support for a re-election campaign this fall. A friend named "Susan" stated that she had hoped the announcement would be for something else. Ken then wrote, "first things first, right...?"

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