Saturday, July 11, 2009

Real unemployment figures? Probably at least 10 million

Check out this interesting analysis from "the fringes," if you will ...: ["Unemployment Claims: How Bad are the "Real" Numbers?"].
I only say "the fringes" because this guy seems a bit out there not unlike Alex Jones and some of the other folks online who are telling people what seems to be the truth but they may not be all that trustworthy.
However, I like the way he has broken out the official numbers to present what looks like a true depression, in the sense that the unemployment numbers, even altered for population growth, are twice as bad as the 1982 and 1975 recessions! That means we're in a depression at this point folks, no doubt about it.
Again, like I said a few weeks ago, these numbers don't include the folks who have fallen off the rolls, who are only able to get part-time work or are unemployed, or anyone else who isn't working full-time but is not counted in the statistics. What does that mean? Well, it means that there are probably a lot more than 10 million people out of work right now.

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