Sunday, July 19, 2009

Very early N.H. Senate poll: A squeaker for Hodes

Daily Kos/Research 2000 release a New Hampshire U.S. Senate poll recently that shows Rep. Paul Hodes would be in a tight race with two potential GOP rivals for the seat, with one beating him: ["Daily Kos/Research 2000 New Hampshire Poll"].
Hodes would beat former Rep. Charlie Bass in a head-to-head by 5 points but against AG Kelly Ayotte, he loses by 1 percent, with 2 percent going to "Other" [are those renegade votes for Bass or an unnamed Libertarian?].
Granted, when looking at the undecideds, 16 months before the election, it is anyone's game. But Dems might be gearing up for a fight against Ayotte, which is why we might be seeing comments like these on a more regular basis: ["Is 'pulling a Palin' the best they can do against Ayotte?"]
There are some other numbers here that are worth noting in the poll concerning the 2010 races.
First, sticking with the Senate for a second, Bass has much higher unfavorables with Dems and indies than Ayotte, 35 to 21; 22 to 12. Men give Ayotte higher favorables too, 40 to 35. Also, when put head-to-head, Ayotte seems earns back Republican votes that Bass loses to Hodes or that remain undecided although, granted, the numbers are small. Against Ayotte, Hodes loses 2 percent of the Dem vote although it looks like those votes go into the undecided pile not to Ayotte. A similar dynamic happens with 18-29 and women voters - Hodes loses 4 percent but Ayotte only gains a bit back.
Deep inside the poll, there are some good numbers for the president and governor.
Obama has a 62 to 30 approval rating, which is very good considering our state is relatively moderate and hasn't yet been hit as hard by the depression as places like Michigan, for example. Lynch has similar numbers with 61 percent saying they would vote to re-elect him and only 39 percent considering replacing him or voting for another candidate.
Interestingly, 49 percent disapprove of gay marriage in the poll, with 41 percent approving. Of the Dems, 37 percent disapprove and 44 percent disapprove of gay marriage.

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