Thursday, February 5, 2004

Gephardt endorses Kerry
Everyone knew this was coming: ["Gephardt To Endorse Kerry"]. This is a pretty huge thing because John Kerry has no credibility on labor issues. Dick Gephardt does help his campaign a bit. Kerry has had every opportunity to build relationships with labor but instead he has voted for every trade deal that has come down the pike, no matter how bad. Gephardt is definitely on the short list for the VP slot and Kerry would be smart to pick him.

Dean: The End?
Dean admits, the end is near: ["Dean Says He Must Win Wisconsin or Be 'Out of Race'"]. This is really sad to watch. Personally, I would advise not to quit. Kerry is going to stumble. It may happen tomorrow. It may happen next month. But it will happen. Dean shouldn't give up so easily after building so much. What are all those kids going to do? They will be so disillusioned by the process. This just can't happen yet.

Latest polls
Survey USA has some new polls:
In Tennessee, next week, John Kerry 31 percent [up from 4 percent a month ago], Wesley Clark steady at 26 percent, John Edwards [up from 6] at 20, Dean [down from 27] at 15 percent, others get 6 while 3 percent remain undecided.
In California, next month, Kerry has 49 percent [up from 31], Dean with 18 [down from 26], Edwards has 12, Clark at 8, others with 9 and 5 percent are undecided.
In Ohio, next month, Kerry has 44, Dean has 15, Edwards at 14, Clark at 6, others have 7 percent and 4 percent are undecided.
In Georgia, next month, Kerry has 30 percent, Dean and Edwards at 15, Clark with 9, others at 11 with 5 percent are undecided.
Zogby has new numbers out of Michigan: Kerry 47, Dean 10, Edwards 8, Clark 4, Sharpton 2, and Kucinich at 1 percent.

Other stuff:
Worst corporations of last year: ["Top 10 Worst Corporations of 2003"].

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