Monday, February 16, 2004

Grossman: Fair weather friend?
Former DNC chairman Steve Grossman, the campaign chairman for Howard Dean, has signaled that he will abandon Dean if he doesn't win Wisconsin and will try to mend fences with John Kerry and rally Dean's supporters to the Kerry cause: ["Top Dean Aide Discusses Plans to Back Kerry"] and ["Chairman set to leave Dean camp"].
Grossman isn't a friend of mine but I know him and respect him. However, I don't think this is the best move he could make. Yes, he did a difficult and brave thing by telling Kerry he wasn't going to back him in 2004. And he is smart to be worried about disillusioned Deaniacs bolting the Democrats and flocking to Ralph Nader or the Green Party. But he should stay by Dean's side until the bitter end like a good soldier.

Kerry's 'mistress' ready to talk...
"She wants to tell her story. She has talked at length about her relationship with Kerry. But no one is believing her.": ["John Kerry girl tells all"]. But what the hell is she doing in Kenya?: ["Kerry intern hiding in Kenya"].

And this says is all
["Bush v. Kerry: The Power Elite's Dream Ballot"].
"Bush v. Kerry is simply nirvana for the bluebloods. As they say in the business world: it's a win-win situation. From their perspective, whomever places his hand upon the Bible (yes, the Bible) on January 20, 2005 doesn't matter because with a Bush/Kerry contest they're already assured there will be no meaningful change in America for the next four years. None. Zero. Zippo."

Edwards endorsed
The Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, the organizers of last night's debate, and the Madison Capital Times have endorsed John Edwards: ["John Edwards for the Democrats"] and ["John Edwards best prepared to replace Bush"].

And Nader is leaning towards a run
This from the Seattle Times on Saturday was the only thing I could find but it is all the buzz on the Web boards: ["Nader candidacy expected"].