Saturday, February 14, 2004

Nevada [and D.C.] Caucuses ...
Nothing yet from the Nevada Caucuses even if the polls have been closed for a couple of hours. However, reports are saying that the turnout was huge, the highest ever seen in the history of caucuses. Check out this from the state Democratic Committee's Web site:

"An estimated 6,000 Democrats converged on Chaparral High School in Clark County with thousands more gathering across Nevada to select their candidate for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. With thousands unable to head inside the school, party officials moved the precinct meetings out to the high school's football field; where Senator Harry Reid, Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins and State Senate Democratic Leader Dina Titus spoke of unity and a single-purpose - adding George Bush to the ranks of the unemployed he helped to create."

Also, there is a caucus in D.C. to send delegates to the convention - not cast votes. That already happened, on Jan. 13, and Howard Dean won, handily. Of course, the media and politicos pooh-poohed it because the primary was "non-binding." But the fact remains, Dean did win one - the first one - the D.C. Primary on Jan. 13.
No results yet on who won the delegate apportionment.