Monday, February 23, 2004

Reactions to Nader
Ralph Nader dominated the political news over the weekend about his 2004 independent run. Calling the decision as contentious - to the Democrats - would be understatement.
First, here is a story with protest pictures outside of the NBC studios Sunday: ["Ralph Nader Announces Run for Presidency"].
The onslaught of criticism is falling on deaf ears as Nader says he will run hard: ["Nader says he won't back off even if major candidates in a dead heat"].
In the Manchester Union Leader Sunday [no link], former-U.S. Sen. John Durkin said it best: "Gore ran like a sleepwalker [in 2000]. It's a reach to blame Nader." Durkin, who endorsed Howard Dean in the primary and then pulled his endorsement after the Iowa Screech, extolled Nader for his accomplishments and for refusing to be "seduced by the pomp and circumstance of Washington."
"One of the problems in this country is there is a shortage of Ralph Naders," he said.
The Globe has a pretty good overview this morning: ["Nader joins race, riles Democrats"].
One Arkansas columnist advises the Dems to embrace the Deaniacs: ['Democrats, Deaniacs and Greens"]. But unfortunately, he gets it wrong about New Hampshire.
The Nation's John Nichols also weighs in: ["Will Nader matter at all?"].
Nader's Web site is up and running:

Other stuff:
Speaking of New Hampshire, the latest general election poll shows President Bush down 15 percent in a hypothetical one on one matchup: ["Bush's Approval Rating Slips In New Hampshire"].
The NYT ran this piece about Republicans mad at Bush: ["Disenchanted Bush Voters Consider Crossing Over"].
While John Kerry slouches back into lazy campaign mode: ["Front-Runner Kerry's Bad Habits Return"].
Then there is Monica Lewinsky, weighing in on the Kerry intern scandal: ["Lewinsky outraged over Kerry 'affair' furore"].
Bob Herbert continues his good column writing: ["Dark Side of Free Trade"].

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