Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Dean to endorse Edwards? Hmm ...
There is a lot of stuff breaking right now and some of the puzzle pieces are coming together. John Kerry won the Wisconsin Primary tonight. But the Washington Post is reporting that Howard Dean and John Edwards met on Sunday to hash some stuff out: ["Dean: Kingmaker or Rainmaker?"]. No agreements were reached but the two agreed to talk again on Wednesday.
It may be becoming clearer why Steve Grossman made some of his remarks on Sunday - first, suggesting Dean would drop out and later, saying he would move to John Kerry's campaign. Grossman must have known that Dean was working on a deal to keep Kerry from the nomination - which frankly, is a smart move. But Grossman is from Mass. and a former Kerry supporter. He could support Dean but he can't hijack Kerry. Grossman's political career would probably be over if he did that. While Kerry is not liked by many in the state, he currently controls the Massachusetts political mafia and they want Kerry to be the nominee in Boston in July.
However, notice this line in the Post:

A few days earlier, meanwhile, two top officials for the Democratic National Committee traveled to Burlington, Vt., to meet with Roy Neel, the Dean campaign's chief executive. Their agenda, diplomatically stated but unmistakable, was to find out whether and how Dean would harness his network of highly motivated grass-roots activists and small contributors on behalf of the national party and the eventual nominee, according to people familiar with the session.

God, these people are too much! They kill Dean's campaign via ridicule and now they want his lists. Pathetic.

More on Nader
The Web is bursting with Ralph Nader stuff. Here is a piece from Counterpunch: ["Nader Attack a New Low Point"]. Or this, a little more sarcastic, from the NY Press: ["Please, Mr. Nader, let’s repeat 2000"]. Here is one from the other side of politics: ["Run, Ralph, Run!"]. And something from former radical activist Tom Hayden, although more making the point that Nader isn't needed: ["The Progressive Populist Moment Has Arrived"].