Saturday, February 14, 2004

Does Kerry have Clinton problems?
The Internet has been abuzz with allegations that Democratic frontrunner John Kerry had a two-year affair with an AP reporter. Strangely, there has been little mention in the mainstream press. No mention on "Hardball." No mention on "The Factor" or "Hannity & Colmes." WCVB Channel 5 did a short blurb on Kerry's denial, as did ABC News' "World News Tonight." But this should have gotten more play. The only one who seemed to notice was Men's News Daily: ["John Kerry Sex Scandal: U.S. Media Blackout?"].
According to the Drudge Report, where the story broke, the European and some American metropolitan press, has been all over the story: ["Kerry faces big test in internet storm about mystery woman"]. One newspaper, the Sun, even contacted the woman's parents. Her father called Kerry a "sleazeball": ["New JFK hit by scandal"].
And then there is the typical reaction, like this piece from Joe Conason in Salon, who blames the Republicans for the Kerry intern story: ["There he goes again!"]. Is he clueless? This didn't come from the GOP. This was leaked by Wesley Clark in an off-the-record discussion with reporters saying that Kerry would implode due to "an intern problem." Further, Clark probably got it from Clintonista Chris Lehane, a former operative of Kerry's who was part of the Shaheen-November purge and later went to Clark. A day after the allegations, at the height of the Clark amateur hour, he endorsed Kerry.
Lastly, this probably won't be Kerry's only "bimbo eruption." Which is why Howard Dean is reportedly not going to drop out after Wisconsin.

Nader on the horizon ...
No word from the Ralph Nader front. The silence is eerie. Word is he will wait until the end of the month. But time is running out. If Nader doesn't decide soon, will he be able to get on state ballots? I did a quick search about ballot requirements and even went to Ballot Access News but couldn't find any information. For the 2000 race, Nader started organizing in November and still missed six state ballots.
Some people have come out saying Ralph should run again. Here's one from an odd source, CBS News: ["Run, Ralph, Run"].

"I say: Go for it, Ralph.
Why? Because Nader is not to blame for the fact that Al Gore is not president. Because I believe vigorous, high profile third-party candidacies (as high profile as third parties get in this country, that is) are good, even crucial for the political system. Because skilled political mischief-makers capable of occasionally piercing the homogenized, focus group tested, corporate sponsored claptrap of the two big parties are a rare godsend. Because more voices are better than fewer voices."

But there is this from Norman Solomon: ["An Odd Accusation From Ralph Nader"].

"While Nader is 100 percent correct that he has a right to run for president, that's not in dispute. The debate is over the wisdom of running this year. Like many other people who voted for Nader in 2000, I agree with The Nation's editorial. But that's not the point. Agree with it or not, there's no basis for Nader's canard about 'censorship.'"

Whether or not Nader runs, there are some suing for inclusion: ["Third-party hopefuls sue for inclusion"].

Want to run for president?
Here's how: ["American Candidate"]. I was joking with my wife that I might apply, especially since I qualify, and she nixed the idea. :-)

Delegate counts
According to AP:
Kerry 540
Dean 182
Edwards 166
Clark 85 [CNN: 68]
Sharpton 12
Lieberman 9
Gephardt 3
Kucinich 2 [Actual: 8]
Other 1
Uncommitted 0

Needed to nominate 2,162
Total Delegate Votes 4,322
Chosen thus far 1,000
Yet to be chosen 3,321