Saturday, February 14, 2004

Vanity Fair and a hot bath ...
There is just nothing like enjoying a hot bath while reading Vanity Fair. The new - and huge - Hollywood issue came out this week and it is massive - over 400 pages although, disappointingly, it is mostly ads. Where are the stories? The last Hollywood issue had a bunch of pretty good book excerpts and the magazine regularly has at least two good stories worth reading, sometimes more. This month, however, there wasn't much of interest to me. There is a brilliant feature on these three kids who filmed their own version of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in their backyard over an eight year period and have now become the hottest thing in Hollywood. There is also a pathetic rant by the otherwise hilarious Christopher Hitchens attacking Mel Gibson's latest supposedly breathtaking epic "The Passion of the Christ." Note to Hitchens: Go back to writing about Kissinger the war criminal and leave Gibson - who is a brilliant filmmaker, regardless of his loose interpretation of history - alone. Frankly, the world needs to see - and understand - a lot more about Christ.

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