Sunday, February 8, 2004

Maine Caucuses
80 percent
Kerry - 6,842 - 45.1 percent
Dean - 3,960 - 26.1 percent
Kucinich - 2,383 - 15.7 percent
Edwards - 1,187 - 7.8 percent
Clark - 564 - 3.7 percent
Uncommitted - 191 - 1.3 percent
Sharpton - 26 - 0.2 percent
Lieberman - 4
Write-ins - 2

Here it is: ["'Al-Qaida has nukes'"].

More on the speculation of a Kerry/Edwards ticket: ["Kerry-Edwards?"]. And then, there is the Hillary spin too. Why can't the media just stop all this about Hillary?

Can Bubba at least try to keep it in his pants?
Speaking of Hillary, supposedly, she is a bit peeved with her husband's "close relationship" with a Canadian woman: ["Hillary burns in Bill, Belinda tab shocker"]. Here are some pictures of her: ["Belinda Stronach"].

Another primary idea
During a discussion on Daily Kos over the weekend, a woman posted this as an idea for future Democratic primaries:
"How about a completely re-vamped primary process? Here's an idea...The four weekends starting with January 15: 4 primaries in small states -- picked by random drawing -- with NO official results announced until the end of the election in all 4 states. Then each weekend in March: 4 Primaries in medium sized states each -- again picked by random drawing -- with NO official results announced until the end of the election in all 4 states. Then in April: a 50 state vote between the 2 top vote getters which overrides any previous individual state vote and determines the nominee."
The media
A couple of pretty good pieces on the media's influence on the campaign: ["How the media choose a president"] ["Fallout from Dean's scream on news networks: Get used to it"] ["The Media Disappeared Howard Dean"].

Hangin' on
The round up from the Sunday shows. Why give up now? Keep going. Make Kerry earn it: ["Clark, Edwards say they'll stay in Democratic presidential race"].

More polls from future states
American Research Group shows the Feb. 10 and Feb. 17 states:
In Tennesse, John Kerry has 32 percent, John Edwards has 21 percent, Wesley Clark has 20 percent, with Howard Dean has 8 percent. Dennis Kucinich and the Rev. Al Sharpton have 1 percent each. The undecideds make up 17 percent.
In Virginia, Kerry has 35 percent, Edwards 22 percent, Clark 17 percent, Dean at 9, with Kucinich and Sharpton at 1 percent. Undecideds are at 15 percent.
In Wisconsin, the Dean must-win state, Kerry has 41, Clark has 15, Edwards at 10, and Dean at 9 percent. Both Kucinich and Sharpton have 2 percent, with undecideds making up 21 percent.

Delegate Count
John Kerry 409
Howard Dean 174
John Edwards 116
Wesley Clark 82
Joe Lieberman 19
Al Sharpton 13
Dick Gephardt 5
Dennis Kucinich 2
Other 1
Uncommitted 0

Needed to nominate 2,162
Total Delegate Votes 4,322

Editor's Note: An earlier edition of this post had incorrect information in it which has since been corrected.