Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bye bye 8,000 ...

The DJIA falls below 8,000 for the first time in ages: ["Dow plunges nearly 430 to fall below 8,000 mark"]. I remember back in 1997 when folks were talking about the roaring stock market at 7,000. Oh how things change ...

And everyone has seen this one: ["Big 3 CEO's private flights"]. You can almost get a full-time newspaper reporter at a small weekly for $20K. You could probably pay for an administrative assistant for a good portion of a year at one of the Big 3 for what they spent on that private flight. It's this kinda stuff that just makes people nuts. Here they are, begging for our tax dollars, while blowing money on private jets ... money they could be using on employees. Obviously, they don't really give a shit about shareholders, their investments, or the taxpayer. Get on the friggin' Southwest jet and live with the rest of us!

Say it ain't so: ["Iconic Harvard Square newsstand to close"]. This is so, so sad. I loved that store. I used to work at J. August Co. in Harvard Square during the 1990s. I was there more than seven years and I would live my breaks at that place. It was so great, had so many cool newspapers and magazines, and was such a joy to visit.

Here is a cool site I stumbled upon while reading about Out of Town News closing, brought to you by the Newseum: ["Today's Front Pages"]. One of these days, I'm going to have to get down there.

Speaking of icons closing, another indie theatre is biting the dust: ["Exeter's historic Ioka theater to close"].

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