Monday, November 3, 2008

Random things for election eve ...

When Obama wins the presidency, and it looks like he will, what will Greg Palast and RFK Jr. say then, since they have been predicting that the election will be stolen for six months?: ["Steal Back Your Vote"].

Will the third party candidates cause an imbalance in the result? Maybe, maybe not. This article doubts it: ["Third parties unlikely to spoil presidential race"].
Note to Mitch: Ralph Nader received more than 97,000 votes in Florida, not 32,000.

The Sarah Palin Playlist, a collection of her favorite songs, is listed 2,080th on ["The Sarah Palin Playlist"].
What, you thought it would be Top 10?

Here's my co-worker Bryan's take on the Sununu-Shaheen Senate fight here in New Hampshire: ["No one wants the Bush"].
BTW, he lives in Massachusetts.

Do I dare make an election prediction?
Sure, why not:
* Barack Obama will win it with 279 Electoral College votes to John McCain's 259. It will be a nail biter until about 1 a.m.
* Independents Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney, and Ralph Nader will, combined, get about 5 or 6 percent of the vote and may "factor" into the results [Nader will get the most votes of the three]. There will be recounts in a number of states but the results will not change the outcome.
* In the New Hampshire gubernatorial race, incumbent John Lynch will win easily.
* Both Democratic incumbents in Congress, Paul Hodes and Carol Shea Porter, will also win. Hodes handily; Shea Porter by about 2,000 votes.
* But the U.S. Senate race between incumbent John Sununu and challenger Jeanne Shaheen will be a squeaker. Shaheen might pull it off but I have been surprised by the number of newspaper endorsements Sununu has received, considering that many of those newspapers also endorsed Obama. If I had to guess, I would say the winner will win by less than 1,000 votes.
* Sen. Judd Gregg will announce his intention to retire from the Senate sometime after the election, probably in January 2009. This will cause massive infighting between both political parties, with two distinct, bloody primaries seeking the open Senate seat, the first in two decades. Gov. Lynch considers running for the seat but instead, continues to serve as governor. I don't have any inside ball on this one. I'm just guessing.

Whatever the outcome, get out and vote tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Independents get 5 to 6% of the vote? Are you high?

Keep dreaming, DA.

Tony said...

Who's DA?