Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why the Obama/illegal alien half-aunt story is legitimate ...

There seems to be a lot of discussion out there on whether or not this is a legitimate story.

Here is why I think this is a legitimate story: You can't be a millionaire campaigning all around the nation lecturing everyone else about being your brother's keeper if your own family house isn't in order. If you are going to use that principle as a campaign tool, you need to live it. That means making sure that you don't have any half-aunts illegally living in the country, illegally donating to your campaign, and living in a public housing project, paid for by the taxpayers, which should be set aside for citizens who need the housing. You also shouldn't be letting your half-brother live in squalor in a shack somewhere, like we read about earlier this year.

The half-brother in the shack and the illegal alien half-aunt in American public housing are two family members of Obama's living in dire circumstances while he sits on millions from book sale royalties which featured at least one of them as subjects. He does nothing for them while lecturing the rest of the nation about what we do with our tax dollars, our neighborhoods and our families. The fact that it has taken so long to get the story and the fact that it was in a British newspaper and not an American one, is an embarrassment to our field [Oh, but it's all Murdoch's puppet-strings and since he loves Hillary, he wants Obama to lose ... oh yeah, what a stretch that is ... give me a break].

The fact that so many people seemed to be puzzled by this is surprising. Or you just don't understand the importance of living the Biblical principle if you are going to espouse it. I'm the son of a retired Reverend so I understand a little about these things. You're a hypocrite if you lecture from the podium while not living the principle. Liberals seem all too eager to attack conservative politicians and Christian pastors for being hypocrites but fail miserably at holding their own accountable for their actions. "Hey, they're pro-choice, it doesn't matter ..." Well, you know what? It does matter! [And this, coming from someone who considers himself a liberaltarian - i.e. a combination liberal and libertarian - on most issues]. Instead of attacking the press, Obama should have opened up his checkbook to help. "Gee, I didn't know my half-aunt lived in a project even though I saw her a couple of years ago ... she is no longer on the public dime, I'm assisting her with resettlement money, blah, blah, blah ..." That's being your brother's keeper.

If, however, Obama were not lecturing everyone about being their brother's keeper, then this would just be another embarrassing campaign story on top of other embarrassments that campaigns have had this cycle ... like McCain dumping his first wife and marrying up, like some of Palin's gaffes, etc. He isn't obligated to spend his money helping his family. No one is. But that is what being your brother's keeper is all about. You can't lecture others and not walk the walk. He's a hypocrite like most other politicians involved with the two major parties.

It is a legitimate story on the national level and should be thoroughly investigated on the local level. There are veterans and others walking the streets of Boston or in shelters. There are a ton of working folks who can barely make ends meet who could use those units. How the heck did she even get access to this unit in the first place? She's not a citizen! That's a scandal right there! Question: How many other illegal aliens are in public housing units while American citizens sleep on grates and work multiple jobs just to pay the rent and survive? Granted, the bigger story is on the local level. This has less to do with Obama and his campaign and everything to do with the BHA and the Menino Administration. Will there be a follow up? I sure hope so.

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