Saturday, November 8, 2008

Funny write-in votes ...

I love it when cities and towns actually count the write-in votes for president or other offices.
In doing a post about the success of the tax cap in Rochester [and its failure in Somersworth], for ["Tax cap update ... debunking the Sununu turnout theory?"], I came across this PDF with the returns in Somersworth: ["Election results"] ... where they actually list the write-ins. Check out some of the write-ins on the presidential side in Somersworth:
13 for Hillary Clinton
5 for Charles Baldwin or Baldwin/Castle
4 for Ron Paul
2 for Mitt Romney
1 for Martin Sheen
1 for Bill Clinton/Hillary Clinton
1 for Hillary Clinton/Edwards
In the gubernatorial race, 12 people wrote-in Jeanne Shaheen. Three wrote-in Craig Benson. One wrote-in Robert Kennedy [eh, he doesn't even live in the state ... although that never stopped the Kennedys before ...].
In looking at these write-ins, I wonder how many other towns in New Hampshire counted all the write-ins and what the results were. I know that in Dixville Notch, two people wrote-in Paul. But what about everywhere else?

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Matt said...

My friend put Optimus Prime on the
2008 Ballot sheet.
I voted for Obama last time....
This time i'm putting end the wars as president and cut military spending as vice president.

At least that way I won't be
contributing to the problem.