Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scaraborough launches the F-bomb and Web hits go boom!

Yesterday, around lunchtime, I took a look at the Politizine.com Web hits while eating lunch, something I try to do at least once a day.
I noticed that the hits were around 160 - way above my usual 50 to 60 per day. I thought, What's this all about? So I looked and people were Googling "Scarborough, F-word" ... It turns out that he said a naughty word on TV Monday morning: ["'Morning Joe' Scarborough Drops F-Bomb On Air"].
Since I didn't hear it, because I have cheap cable and don't get MSNBC, I didn't know about it. But people were driven to Politizine because I thought he said it back in August: ["Joe Scarborough and the 'F' word ..."].
It seems that no one heard that one months ago. But whatever. Joe saying the F-word and people coming to the site to read about it yielded almost 300 visits. I think that is an all-time record in the time I have had SiteMeter but I'm not really sure. Isn't the Web is such a weird thing?

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Anonymous said...

The F-bomb attracted more attention than the dead intern in Scarborough's Congressional office ever did.