Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh, say it ain't so Chuck ...

Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner was captured on an FBI video recording allegedly receiving a $1,000 bribe. Picture courtesy of the FBI.
Oh Chuck. Say it ain't so ... I'm really surprised by this. I know Chuck. Shit, I gave the guy money when he first ran for office. I know him to be a good man. But sometimes, good men do bad things, as the picture alleges.
NECN, reporting from Worcester yesterday, had a defiant Turner speaking from the courthouse steps, saying he would not resign from his seat and would file a lawsuit if the council tried to keep him from serving.
The fact that he had supporters outside the courthouse claiming that this is some sort of "Counter Intelligence Program/COINTELPRO" conspiracy is not going to help his case at all. The Green-Rainbow Party, of which Chuck is a member, sent out a press release standing by him noting the Cointelpro issue. But, you know, that issue was dead in 1971. It's almost 2009. Folks have gotta move on. As well, as it turns out, this case wasn't brought on by the FBI - it was brought on by a constituent of Dianne Wilkerson and Turner who went to the Boston Police with his evidence who then kicked it upstairs to the feds.
Obviously, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but this does not look good.

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