Saturday, November 1, 2008

Is this the November surprise?

Obama's half-aunt - the one he talks about so fondly in his book - is an illegal alien who has been living in a Southie housing project [eh, those should be set aside for Americans] and she donated to his campaign [that's against the law]: ["Obama aunt leak raises questions, as does timing"].
Is this a November surprise? Or, finally, some digging by reporters? The British press actually got the story first. It wasn't the New York Times or Rush Limbaugh. How - or more appropriately, why - are the British press even looking into our presidential race? And what about that half-brother living in a shack somewhere? This, from the same guy lecturing the rest of us about being our brother's keeper?
This story, and the fact that Obama/Biden have been lying about their tax proposal, should be enough to make this a competitive race again. It is, however, probably too late for McCain/Palin.


Anonymous said...

you suck if you even want to act like Obama had any knowledge of this. Dont you think the man would cover himself knowing he would be under such scrutiny as the first black PRESIDENT OF THE US! And u too (not just "us" )he's gonna be your president-- auntie or no auntie! You and McCain are just praying anything wold scar this man's reputation, but this was destiny baby. Determined beofre the world was even created... OBAMA 08

Tony said...

Umm, dude, I didn't say anything about him knowing about this ahead of time. I didn't say that he was involved either. It's about perception.
Plus, I think it really says something about the man's character when his aunt lives in a public housing project and his brother is living in a hut and he is worth millions. If I were a millionaire [I'm not], none of my family members would be living in huts or public housing.
And, no, I don't support McCain and I won't be voting for him either.

Anonymous said...

seems funny to me that Obama seems not to know about his Auntie, the revern Wright, Bill Ayers, shall I go on? This is the most unaware person I have ever heard of,can you be so head in the sand? This man is trying to pull the biggest hoax in history.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:59: No, the biggest hoax was Iraq's WMD. Which has now cost the US taxpayers $600 billion and counting, not to mention an complete and utter loss of credibility in the world.

Go back to your cesspool now.