Tuesday, August 26, 2008

37 states ...

Ralph Nader is currently on the ballot in 37 states according to a press release sent out by the campaign today. That is, frankly, amazing, and it happened so fast.
When I original started reading about Nader running as an indie instead of running for the Green Party line [He won the Green primaries and would have instantly been on 20-plus lines], I thought the campaign would be a disaster. Well, I thought wrong. Thirty-seven states in just a few months is a pretty good stint considering.

Michele Obama's speech
I watched most of Michele Obama's speech tonight. I found it to be quite good, natural feeling, and even a little inspiring. But not that inspiring. Their children are quite cute. My wife and I joked about some of the things our kids would say if I were on a remote access video and she were addressing thousands at a convention.
And I also liked the sense that she talked about their roots as if they came from normal families. I mean, we don't know that for sure, but it is probably true. You can tell it if someone has really had a normal family or not. Bubba Clinton was a total phony about this. Michele Obama seemed real.

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