Friday, August 8, 2008

Edwards admits to affair

Oh boy: ["Edwards Admits Extramarital Affair"].
He denies being the father. But if he is, he has to own up to it and take responsibility for the child. It is another life. It's important. And, he seems like a pretty good father.
This just goes to show that men - and women - are flawed. No one is perfect.

Update: Apparently he will talk on Nightline tonight and state that the affair happened in 2006 but ended before the woman became pregnant.

Update 2: Elizabeth Edwards posted this on Daily Kos: ["Today"].
I have a lot of mixed feelings about this entire thing, even though it is none of my business and shouldn't be getting the coverage it is getting. To the folks who have been comparing this to Bill Clinton, it is nothing like that. Clinton was a predator and was accused of rape.

Update 3: For those of us who admired Edwards and may have even voted for him, this is all a bit weird. However, I have been thinking about three things:
1) It seems as though he spent a lot of time alone with this woman doing videos and other things. It doesn't look like this was a one-night-stand that turned into a long affair. In the videos, he seems clearly smitten by the woman.
2) There was a moment in 2007, after Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, that Edwards was supposedly considering ending his campaign and Elizabeth supposedly told him not to end it. In fact, there was a story on where the reporter leaked the news and then Edwards seemed to have changed his mind and denied changing his mind. I'm wondering if there was more going on at that time than we may have all thought. The signs were there that it wasn't going his way at all.
3) I didn't hear the show yesterday but WRKO's Howie Carr and callers to his show were supposedly going off on the fact that Edwards staying in the campaign as long as he did assisted in croaking Hillary Clinton's campaign. Hillary, her husband, and the media, did the bulk of that work. But I have to wonder if Clinton wouldn't be the nominee right now had Edwards admitted to the affair in October 2007 and dropped out, or just didn't run this time at all. I don't know where his votes would have gone. I don't know who I would have voted for if Edwards were not in the race. I didn't really like any of them except Edwards, Mike Gravel and Ron Paul.

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