Friday, August 22, 2008

On the radio tomorrow

I'll be on Samantha Clemen's radio show via phone for about 30 minutes or so talking politics around 10 a.m. Here are the details:

Saturday, August 23th, The Samantha Clemens Show is live on the air for two hours beginning at 9 AM (US eastern) on WMFO 91.5 FM Medford, and streaming live on-line:

Guests this week:

  • Dedrick Muhammed, an elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1992, and a participant in the 2004 convention as an assistant to Rev. Al Sharpton where he met Senator Obama and heard his national debut live. What is it like to attend a convention? What was his reaction to the Obama debut? What is going on with the Clinton delegates? What do people in his circles think about it? Who's the veep? ? And, who's gonna win?
  • Tony Schinella, award-winning journalist and publisher of joins us to give us his two cents worth on Prez politics - a former Edwards supporter and 'unfan' of Clinton - what does he think about the Clinton catharsis - what, is he threatening to vote... Nader????

What else?!

  • Did that Florida school official really 'out' the student to her parents and everyone else when she asked for a little protection from school bullies??
  • What's rich? what's middle class? what's poor? How about this for starters? If you don't know how many houses you own? If you have to get your staff to answer the question? You're rich! Four fireplaces and a wine cellar still counts as doing really well. But, not knowing?? Wow.


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