Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh no ... please no ... Nader says it will be Clinton ...

Read it and weep: ["Nader predicts Obama to pick Clinton"].
One of the big positive things about Obama winning the nomination over Hillary is the many of us thought, thankfully, that the Clinton era was over. In some ways, picking a Bayh, Biden, Dodd, or some other DLC, corporate whore Democrat, just continues things to their way of thinking. The policy is the same; the name different.
But having Hillary on the ticket? Oh my gosh, please Lord, no-no-no! Please Lord, I beg of you ... no-no-no. Some of us Naderites are out here praying for Obama to pick someone new, someone with an open mind, so we don't have to vote for Nader. So we can support Obama and his choice. Hillary on the ticket isn't going to do that. It might unify the Democrats but it will make the rest of us undecideds puke. If Obama wants to kiss my vote - and others - goodbye, he should pick Hillary or some other corporate whore Democrat. If he wants my vote - and millions of others - he will pick a true fair trade populist who is going to think about Main Street and not Wall Street. It really is that simple.

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