Saturday, August 23, 2008

So it's Biden ...

... a guy who was just a few days ago saying "I'm not the guy ..." So, is he a liar or did he just not know? Or, are you not a liar when you do it to reporters?

This is a guy who has assisted the Bush and Clinton administrations in bringing our nation to the economic crisis and complete cultural wasteland that we are in today.

Let's look at the details: He voted for NAFTA, GATT, WTO, PMFN trade status to China, essentially gutting our manufacturing infrastructure. Due to globalism and free trade, America is a debtor nation and not the economic and manufacturing powerhouse it once was.

He voted for the Iraqi invasion when everyone else in the world knew the invasion was a sham, that there were no weapons of mass destruction, and that Saddam Hussein was no threat to America. Again, he's a foreign policy expert? He's a foreign policy expert and voted for this and yet all of us out here in the real world knew it was sham.

He voted for the Patriot Act and Clinton's anti-terrorism bill before it, gutting our Bill of Rights and assisting in limiting the freedoms of Americans.

He voted for the Telecom Bill of 1996, which put television and radio stations into the hands of a few corporations, so now we have fewer live DJs, synchronized playlists with the same 50 songs, no diversity of choice in formats, limited local news, or no real news at all, along with pablum puke television executives now call "entertainment" and a dummying down of the nation and body politic.

He voted for the bankruptcy bill in 2005 so the millions of folks who are getting hammered right now will always be hammered because they will have to pay and pay. As well, Biden has been one of the largest beneficiaries of banking industry campaign contributions meaning that at a time when our nation needs serious banking and investment house regulation, he's going to be in the pocket of the banks.

This list goes on and on ... Clearly, "change we can believe in ..." gasp ... sigh ... not.

So he's pro-choice. So he voted against FISA. Big deal.

Biden is a part of the problem, not a part of the solution. His presidential campaign was a joke. He received, what, 1 percent of the Iowa Caucuses? He puts no states in play and comes from a safe state, Delaware. At a time when we are worrying about the economy, a supposed foreign policy wonk is chosen. What can Obama be thinking? The Democrats are thinking that they can win things and maybe make some small, minor changes for us ordinary folks. They'll definitely take over things and hand out cushy jobs to their friends, just like Clinton did, at a time when we need a major overhaul of everything.

At least with this choice, Obama has picked someone who will be interesting and colorful on the campaign trail. I will give Biden that. He will be quotable and he'll beat Mitt Romney or whoever in a VP debate. But big deal. Obama could have made a revolutionary choice to go along with an impressive campaign and he picked the king of the cocktail party crowd in D.C. Ugh.

I don't think the Hillary folks are going to be happy and you can call this swing voter not happy with this choice at all ... someone who was really hoping he could vote, with heart, for a Democrat instead of voting for Ralph Nader, who believes in 90 percent of what I want done.

So, now we wait to see what McCain does.


tapsearcher said...

It was a Democrat Congress led by Democrat Bill Clinton who apparently carried the water bucket for the Bush Family in the betrayal of the American Worker.

Clinton steered the passage of NAFTA and GATT and soon after 2000 more factories were moved to Mexico.
Why would anyone want to vote for more of the same after the USA has gone through the most massive dislocation of jobs in its history including the Great Depression. And who said we had to compete like this in a globale economic arena. See and

Tony said...

That's right tapsearcher. More than two million jobs and reportedly another 14 million jobs connected to those two million jobs. It was - and is - insane and few people ever apologized for it.

Thanks for the links and for reading.