Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Add victim gasp here
Haaaaaah ... ["Zell Miller Endorses Bush"] One has to wonder what Terry McAulliffe thinks of all this!

Gephardt staffers respond
Upon forwarding the Dean memo to Gephardt's N.H. media person, Kathy Roeder stated:

"Trippi knows our staffers and he knows this campaign--led by Dick and Jane--is horrified by discrimination. Dick's daughter is a lesbian who lived with the Gephardts with her partner for five months after they finished grad school, Dick is a member of PFLAG, his campaign co-chair is openly gay, one of his longest advisors is openly gay, we have dozens of openly gay staff on board, and our health care benefits program includes domestic partner benefits. Our campaign--again led by Dick and Jane--is appalled by discrimination and believes the federal government should provide equal rights to everyone."
Sharpton slams Dean
Jesse Jackson Jr. endorses Dean and the Rev. Al goes on a rampage: ["Sharpton slams endorsement, citing race issues"].

"Any so-called African-American leader that would endorse Dean despite his anti-black record is mortgaging the future of our struggle for civil rights and social justice, to back a candidate whose record on issues of critical importance to us is no better than that of George W. Bush," Sharpton said in a statement.

Monitor starts the tier debate
The Concord Monitor editorialized this week that the debates need to be winnowed down to a handful of candidates in order for the electable candidates to be heard over the din of the lower tier: ["Nine-way show"]. It was only a matter of time before this would happen. However, they are mistaken. Why limit the choices? If only the winnable candidates are allowed to debate, there will only be one person at the debate - the winner. This is pathetic.