Monday, October 27, 2003

Debate coverage
I got a chance to see a lot of the debate last night and it was a pretty good show. The Rev. Al Sharpton was hilarious, as usual. Dennis Kucinich shined. And both John Kerry and John Edwards actual did pretty well themselves. Here is what others thought:
"In latest debate, Kerry attacks Dean, sharpens his Iraq stance"
"Iraq viewpoint dominates Dem Detroit debate"
"Kerry wins battle, still trails the war"
"Democrats attack Bush on Iraq"

More polls
In Illinois, it is anyone's race: Dick Gephardt has 13 percent, Wesley Clark has 11 percent, Howard Dean has 10 percent, Carole Moseley Braun is at 9 percent in her home state, with John Kerry and Joe Lieberman tied at 8.
Back to the south where Georgia reveals some interesting numbers: Clark has 13 percent, Gephardt has 12 percent, Lieberman comes in at 9 percent, with Dean at 7. Braun and Kerry have 5 percent, with Edwards at 3 percent and Sharpton at 2 percent. "Someone Else" is listed at 2 percent [Is this Lyndon Larouche?]. Bad news here for Edwards and Sharpton. They should be higher in the polls.
Plus, an anonymous Kerry supporter tells Dan Kennedy the pollsters are all wrong: "Kerry's fading candidacy"

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