Monday, October 27, 2003

Seven questions for Michael Dobbins
Michael Dobbins is a former school teacher from Worcester, Mass. who has left his job and written a book about how to unelect President George W. Bush. Here are seven questions Politizine asked him this weekend:

Q: What inspired you to write a book and take on this effort to "Stop Bush?"

MD: President Bush has implemented one horrible policy after another, the worst being his war with Iraq. Whether Americans realize it or not (and many of them do), Bush's policies are harmful to their future and that of every American. "Stop Bush in 2004" will help citizens take action to defeat Bush in 2004 and hopefully elect a President who has a better grasp on what is good for America.

Q: The economy is very difficult for a lot of people. Some people are too busy working two and three jobs or raising their kids to become civically involved. What can the busy person do to un-elect Bush?

MD: Work and family definitely come first, but I would urge the busy person to try setting aside some time for taking action. Whether it's one day or one hour a week; there are plenty of actions available that don't take much time. Also, do the most basic of actions such as a bumper sticker on your car, a sign in your yard, and talking to friends about why Bush is bad for the country. Simply talking to people about the candidates is very effective and can be done at almost any time and any place.

Q: How are you able to survive without a paycheck to under take this endeavor?

MD: I had a little money saved up, but I've nearly run out. I'm hoping the book will sustain me until next November but I have no idea how many books I've sold yet. My Web site is also sustained by
book sales. I will not accept donations, so feel free to buy more than one copy of the book to support me and the website.

Q: Have you made a decision who you will be voting for?

MD: I have made a decision, but haven't decided when or if I'll publicly endorse him. I view myself and my Web site as a way to unite Democrats and Americans at a time when the Democratic primaries and Bush's policies are pulling us apart. At this point, an endorsement could be counterproductive to my goal of creating a citizens campaign against Bush, so I'm sitting it out... for now.

Q: Did being a teacher and educator inspire you in any way to work on this project?

MD: Prior to writing "Stop Bush in 2004" I taught a class titled 'Take Action.' Once a week for an hour, about 10 kids and I would talk about social issues, methods of action, and getting kids more involved. The class was a huge motivator for writing the book.

Q: How successful do you think you will be?

MD: There is great potential for enormous success, not just with the book, but even more so with the citizen's movement that could start as a result of the book and the website. Tens of millions of Americans are frustrated beyond belief and want more than anything to see Bush voted out. I can only hope they see the huge potential my campaign has in engaging Americans and transforming the political landscape of America.

Q: Any last comments?

MD: We can defeat Bush in 2004 but will need the help of every person available. The President will spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to sell himself to Americans. We must counter his message by telling people the truth about his policies. I urge you to sign up for the mailing list at and to participate in the 2004 campaign.