Tuesday, October 21, 2003

More polls
A couple of quick polls that caught my eye late last night.
Suffolk University released a new poll yesterday showing the New Hampshire race tightening. Dean still leads with 25 percent, but that lead is 9 points lower than last month. John Kerry has 19 percent, Wesley Clark has 11 percent, with Joe Lieberman at 8 percent and Dick Gephardt at 7 percent. Everyone else is below 5 percent.
Ask for polls from Arizona and the Arizona Republic obliges, via the Behavior Research Center: Dean 32 percent, Clark 24 percent, Lieberman and Kerry with 15 percent, Gephardt with 8 percent and Sharpton with 4 percent.
Survey USA says Gephardt is opening up a lead in Iowa: Gephardt 27 percent, Dean 22 percent, Kerry 15 percent, with both Clark and Edwards at 11 percent. Nice improvement in Edwards' showing. Clark is also strong considering he just entered the race. Maybe he shouldn't have pulled out so early.

A Daily Distortion
With 99 days left until the N.H. primary, the Kerry campaign has come up with a cute email update entitled "99 Daily Distortions from the Commander-in-Chief." Apparently, the listing is only available by email but voters are encouraged to forward the messages to their friends.
Yesterday's Daily Distortion?

Distortion: Bush: "My plan is good for the long-term health of our economy. It is good for the businesses that create jobs." When: June 7, 2001
Truth: Nearly 3.2 million jobs have been lost since Bush took office- and over 2.5 million of these are manufacturing jobs. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, http://www.bls.gov;http:www.jec.gov].
'Joe spins...'
In the film "Say Anything," there is a great scene where Lili Taylor's character Corey, a friend of John Cusack's character Lloyd, continually plays a song she is writing called "Joe Lies" throughout the film. The song is about a boy who treated her badly. Everyone can relate to the song and the songwriter since we have all been there.
However, when I see or hear Joe Lieberman say something, the song pops into my head, with a little change - "Joe spins... Joe spins ..."
Anyhow, in the wake of many think is a collapsing campaign and pulling out of the very important Iowa caucus, the Lieberman campaign sent out this email:
Will Open Offices in New Hampshire, Oklahoma; Adds Press Secretaries in Arizona, South Carolina, Oklahoma
ARLINGTON - The Joe Lieberman campaign announced today they are adding additional staff and opening new offices in New Hampshire and several February 3rd primary states.
"With approximately 100 days left to go before the voters have their say, we are making the key investments necessary to ensure that Joe Lieberman will be the Democratic nominee in 2004," said Campaign Director Craig Smith.
The campaign plans to open in the weeks to come four new offices in New Hampshire, a new headquarters in Oklahoma and has hired state press secretaries in Arizona, Oklahoma and South Carolina. With these openings, Lieberman will have 10 campaign offices in New Hampshire and two in Oklahoma ..."