Saturday, October 25, 2003

Victoria Collier continues the mission

Victoria Collier has started where her father and uncle left off, working to expose vote fraud: ["A Brief History of Computerized Election Fraud in America"].
Good for you Victoria!
I did a bunch of radio programs about vote fraud while doing a talk show on WMFO in the 1990s, including interviewing Collier. This was back before talking about vote fraud and media consolidation - for that matter - was trendy. In fact, only rightwingers talked about vote fraud because they didn't believe that people like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy could actually get elected.
And we can't forget that it was the Democrats who sponsored the media consolidation. Liberals and Democrats didn't care about media consolidation or vote fraud because, for the most part, their side was benefiting. But now, with the nation split down the middle, with swing voters casting votes for conservatives and Democrats running their negative campaigns and races into the ground trying to out-Republican Republicans, the vote fraud issue is finally being taken seriously.
It is about time - even if the speculation about computer machines and vote fraud isn't completely accurate or correct.

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